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Blue Monster Escape Blue Monster Escape Blue Monster Escape Blue Monster Escape

Blue Monster Escape (Package Name: è sviluppato da FALCON GLOBAL e l ultima versione dell Blue Monster Escape 1.6 APK è stata aggiornata il 24/06/2022. Blue Monster Escape è nella categoria Game action. Puoi controllare tutte le app dallo sviluppatore di Blue Monster Escape. Attualmente questa app è gratuita. Questa app può essere scaricata su Android 5.0 e versioni successive su APKPLS o Google Play. Tutti i file APK su sono originali e sicuri al 100% con download veloce.

Blue Monster Escape APK Ultima versione

Data pubblicazione 24/06/2022
Ultima versione 1.6
Sviluppatore FALCON GLOBAL
Category Game action
Aggiornata 18/05/2022
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Blue Monster Escape - Descrizione

Welcome to the playground of the toys factory, where many scary Monsters and bad toys are waiting for you
And someone is waiting for you too... Let's find out secrets together while enjoying a scary time, happy time!

This game is the next level of the Blue Monster Escape game, the horror escape game that comes from Fgame studio.

Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 will bring to you the word of Pinky Monster, Toys Monster, Mommy Monster Long Legs, Spider Long Legs, Daddy Long Legs

Mommy Long Legs otherwise referred to as Experiment 1222 or Marie (real name) on the Transfer Request, is a toy produced by Playtime Co.., which debuted in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web as its main antagonist.

Don't make Mommy Long Legs spider poppy lie to you, she will present herself with a warm and welcoming front to lure you into participating in her games, this facade however diminished very quickly as she threatened you with death and the possibility of having their innards consumed by her, should you refuse to bid by her commands

Come to play this puzzle survival game where you can try to escape from various dangers. Be the one who enjoys Blue Monster Escape time by hangout with Hogie waggy, Pissy, Spider Mommy Long Legs, Spider Long Legs, and Scary Freddyy Teddy Bear, ...

💪💪💪 How to play:

With the same gameplay as Blue Monster Escape, In Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2, you should:
- Try to find the GrabPack tool hands - a wearable backpack with two prosthetic hands hooked & more weapons as many as possible to have more chances to survive.
- Run, Jump, Escape from Mommy Long Legs spider poppy, It eats decomposing animals and plants, aphids, caterpillars, flies, snails, fungi and beetles, or even the humans 😭😭😭
- Don't let these monsters catch you, Mommy Long Legs spider poppy, Blue Monster, Pinky Monster, Hogie, and Waggy will find out where you are, when you will be found is just up to you

😱😱😱 Game Features:

- High-quality Graphics and sound
- Step by step increasing difficulty of escape way
- Try to hear the Final scream as the abdomen is crushed by Mommy Long Legs in Chapter 2: Fly in a Web

Are You A Lover Of Horror Games Blue Monster? Let's Hide and Seek With Mommy Long Legs, Daddy Long Legs, Blue Monster & Pinky Monster with Blue Monster Escape: Chapter 2 Now!!!

Novità: - Fix bugs

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6. Finally, it will prompt for Installation, accept the Installation and follow instructions..

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