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Shree Ram Sharnam (International Spiritual Prayer Centre) - Abode of Spiritual Peace, Bliss and Orderliness. Venerable Param Pujya Swami Satyanand JI Maharaj established this Religious Centre named SHREE RAM SHARNAM, literally meaning "taking refuge in RAM" the Ashram overwhelmingly rectifies our aberrations through the 'Maha-Mantra' of 'RAM-NAAM'.

Shree Ram Sharnam is primarily a spiritualistic centre but it imparts invaluable practical foresight on leading a responsible, disciplined and dignified life as adaptable to the changing time. The dissemination of spirituality, love & duties in this manner is efficacious for the society and the person (Sadhak) at large. On entering the portals of Shree Ram Sharnam, one is at once struck by the divinity in its ambience. It lends inner calm and serenity, that helps in driving away the scares & anxieties for sure; though in an invisible manner.

Shree Ram Sharnam provides the Godsend opportunity to us, the hapless souls who yearn for a few drops of, the purest of pure nectar of Spirituality. The hallmark of the Satsang initiated and blessed by the venerable Swami Satyanand Ji Maharaj is in its complete simplicity, discipline and punctuality. Satsangs are devoid of any ostentation & pretensions and no one is expected to make any offering or the contribution. The only commitment from the Sadhaks is towards the spiritual gains. The 'Sadhak' comes to the Satsang with the sole objective of seeking inner peace, higher spiritual attainment and proximity to the God. In addition, endowed and blessed with an everlasting wish that one does-not returns to the world (moksha)!

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